Multiple sipes ensure good all terrain traction for use both on and off-road

Wide center tread blocks enhance stability and handling, and promote even treadwear

Stone Ejector Technology helps prevent stones from drilling and lodging in the tread

3 ply construction helps increase stability and resistance to punctures

Painstakingly developed to enhance driving comfort and safety, these top-of-the-range Radar tires provide optimum balance between peak performance and comfort. Breakthrough technologies and industry-leading materials allow Radar Tires to guarantee the highest level of dependability. The solid-state construction of the tires ensures long-lasting wear and high durability. Offering extraordinary safety and handling ability at an incredible value, they ensure to provide a seamless and quite ride for many years ahead. If you place a high value on solidity, credibility, and efficiency, you can?t beat Radar Tires. They are the most powerful option you can choose.

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