The Hankook Dynapro MT RT03 is a mud tire that does well beyond being in the middle of the road as it performs well in various weather conditions. It has a rugged appeal to it designed to entice true off-road drivers. The lugs provide excellent traction on mud thanks to its large voids which are spaced out far enough so it cleans itself off mud and debris. The ejectors built into the tread grooves ensures stones don™t penetrate the tire too deep while the shoulders prevent dirt build-up which can often lead to damage. This saves you a lot of time as you don™t have to worry about cleaning the tires yourself after every drive. This tire performs even better in snow and sand with its tread design which allows you to add studs for better ice and snow traction. The less than moderate noise level of these tires are great for a mud tire.


Features & Benefits

  • Side protection block which begins at the tread pattern up until the centre of the sidewall ensures that tire is protected from the shock of protruding objects
  • Shoulder lugs in zigzag pattern provides great off-road traction
  • Nylon-reinforced belts for additional strength and high-strength belts for enhanced steering stability and durability
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